Content Creation and Freelance Projects

Max and MeI’ve got a decades-long track record of creating content for publishers and a select list of corporate and political clients. I’ve created and delivered copywriting, audio, and video-based projects designed to meet specific client objectives.

If your project or organization needs help telling its story more effectively, just drop me a note and I’d be delighted to share a few ideas with you. In the meantime, here are some examples for your consideration:

Midcentury Modern

My friend Steve Bloom referred my work over to Debbie Gallant, the editor at Midcentury Modern, an outstanding online magazine that targets Boomers. She was gracious enough to run a couple of stories I penned that are, in my humble opinion, among the best things I’ve ever written:

Imagine Meeting John Lennon When You’re 17 and Stoned
The Long and Winding Road

Lake Mary Life

Lake Mary Life is a terrific lifestyle magazine that’s published in Central Florida. I wrote for LML regularly when I lived in the area and continue to work on special projects for them from my new home in the Williamsburg, VA area. My LML work includes both regular features and sponsored content. Here are a few stories of mine that have appeared recently:

Lake Mary High School’s Advanced Manufacturing Program
Toni Tennille’s Arrival in Lake Mary
Dog Parks of Seminole County
Sanford Infinity
Oviedo Mall
Central Parc at Heathrow

Salon is a venerable and well-respected website that covers politics and current affairs from a liberal perspective. It’s featured some of the most well known writers of this generation. In February of 2016, I was honored to join the club.

This Is Marco Rubio’s Last Chance

High Times

This venerable publication has been covering cannabis-related stories for decades, long before it was popular… or safe. This is a story about one of the few remaining patients of George H. W. Bush’s federal medical marijuana program! (I’ll bet you didn’t know that such a program ever existed. Well, it did.)

Flying High

Celeb Stoner

This website, run by a former High Times editor, asked me to cover the medical marijuana ballot initiative and related issues in Florida in 2012. Here’s what I came up with.

Florida’s Drive for Medical Marijuana
Trayvon Martin and Marijuana
Florida “Bong Ban” Fizzles

Mike Clelland for the Florida House

In 2012, attorney and former firefighter Mike Clelland ran for the Florida House of Representatives against Chris Dorworth, a entrenched incumbent who was slated to become Speaker of the House if he’d been able to remain in office. (That’s not speculative; Florida has a weird process for selecting its legislative leaders.) I wrote and directed a commercial that got a fair amount of attention during the campaign and was credited with contributing to one of the biggest upsets in the recent history of Florida politics.

Dorworth on Trial

Hewlett Packard

This is an oldie but goodie! HP wanted to offer sales skills training for salespeople who worked at a select group of elite resellers. They asked me to create the content and deliver it on camera. The resulting series of videos was distributed via the most high tech medium available: CD ROM!

HP Sales Training Videos


Here’s another selection from “back in the day.” (The giveaway is not just the color of my hair at the time… it’s the fact that I had any hair at all!) Apple approached me to create these videos based on the popularity of my first book, Sales Force Automation. It was shameless shilling and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Apple’s SFA Campaign


Over the years, I’ve authored three books and co-authored a fourth. A new one is in the works, so stay tuned!

Sales Force Automation (1994)
Capturing (2001)
Killer Customer Care (2003)
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting (2005)