The Desperation of the Democratic Party

Greenwald’s recent interview with Amy Goodman is well worth your time and attention: “It has become exceptionally important to Democratic partisans to believe that the reason they lost this election is not because they chose a candidate who was corrupt and who was extremely disliked and who symbolized all of the worst failings of the Democratic Party. It’s extremely important to them not to face what is really a systemic collapse on the part of the Democratic Party as a political force in the United States, in the House, in the Senate, in state houses and governorships all over the country. And so, in order not to face any of that and have to confront their own failings, they instead want to focus everything on Vladimir Putin and Russia and insist that the reason they lost was because this big, bad dictator interfered in the election.”

I guess no one should be surprised at the time and attention Clinton supporters are devoting to justifying themselves after November’s debacle but the result of nominating Clinton speaks for itself. Of course, there’s no way to prove a counterfactual, i.e. that Sanders would have beaten Trump if he’d gotten the nomination, but it’s important to note the obvious: Clinton lost in precisely the way that Sanders supporters predicted she would. Given that Sanders’ supporters provided a far more accurate analysis of the electoral landscape in 2016 than Clinton’s supporters did, it seems clear to me whose advice the Democratic Party ought to be heeding in 2017… and whose advice it ought to ignore.

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