An Early Glimpse of the News from Spring, 2017

By the time pitchers and catchers report for spring training early next year, you’ll probably be devoting a lot more of your time time to emergency financial planning as the GOP rams an alarmingly right-wing agenda through congress and onto the desk of President Trump. As a public service, I’d like to save you time you’ll need then by letting you read about some of next spring’s big news stories today.

Deficits discovered to not matter anymore. After eight years of bleating and braying about the outrageous, unsustainable deficits that Barack Obama ran up (mostly paying for George W. Bush’s recession), Republicans will have an epiphany and realize that deficits really aren’t all that important, especially when they result from tax cuts. By early next year, it will be clear that Trump’s economic play will explode the deficit if the opinions of serious economists are considered. Those opinions will not make their way into very many news outlets.

Obama sabotaged the transition. As the Trump administration embarrasses itself with one misstep after another, unattributed stories will make their way around right-wing media that the Obama team sabotaged the incoming Trump staffers through various nefarious means. The Trump transition would have been flawless if Obama and his staff hadn’t undermined him at every turn.

The media kept Obama’s economic devastation unreported and secret. Trump’s team will announce that the president was correct when he said on the campaign trail that Obama was cooking the books to hide how terribly the economy has been performing. As everyone knows, corporate tax cuts are the obvious remedy but they need to be bigger and enacted more rapidly than anyone realized.

The Senate lurches rightward in the absence of the filibuster. When Republicans were in the minority in the Senate when Barack Obama was president, they deployed the filibuster relentlessly as part of their unabashed strategy of  obstructionism. With a majority in the Senate, President Trump, and the prospect of multiple Supreme Court vacancies, Republican senators jettison the filibuster rather than allow Democrats to obstruct Trump the way the GOP obstructed Obama.

Traditional media media are frozen out of the halls of power. After spending the entire presidential campaign unfairly reporting the things that Donald Trump has done and said, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and every television news organization besides FOX News has been excluded from White House events in favor of more reliable and cooperative outlets like Breitbart and Drudge.

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