More Stream of Consciousness After a Few Days of Reflection

Once the spigot is open, everything keeps flowing out.

  • The dignity and humanity Obama displayed over the last eight years as the nation’s first black president now seems far more important than ever (especially in contrast with the vulgarity of Trump and his family). The tragic fact of the matter is that by the time we get to Opening Day for Major League Baseball, that dignity will likely be the only thing that remains of Obama’s legacy. All the rest of it will be substantially gone.
  • This was our first election since we lost key protections provided by the Voting Rights Act, protections that will likely not return in the foreseeable future. Barack Obama began his term as the nation’s first black president but he might end it as the nation’s last Democratic president.
  • Michael Moore spent the entire election warning anyone who would listen that Trump was going to win. As is often the case with Moore, everyone thought he was trying to be a provocateur. It’s clear now that he understood the landscape better than almost anyone else did at the time.
  • How is it not obvious that the entire DNC needs to resign? As an organization, it has failed in every way possible. I’m not saying that the folks who are currently in leadership positions are bad people but the result of this election was by no means inevitable. It flowed logically and obviously from a series of bad decisions, the most egregious of which was to deliberately clear the field for Clinton before the primaries and then rig the system in her favor after Sanders got in. It ought to be clear now that those are disqualifying offences.
  • When the Trump administration begins to strongarm news organizations about providing too much airtime for Democrats, do you think Les Moonves or Jeff Zucker will push back? I don’t.
  • Take a moment and watch Angela Merkel’s remarkable message to Donald Trump. The rest of the world understands something that our news media here in America is unwilling to say: The U.S. made an enormous mistake on Tuesday.
  • The FBI has now interfered with an election and will face no consequences for it. What will constrain a President Trump from using the FBI to investigate Democratic (or even Republican) opponents?
  • Over the last eight years, Barack Obama spent more time and energy appeasing Republicans than he did fulfilling his partisan responsibilities as the head of the Democratic Party. As a result, the party today is precisely what Vox recently described: “A smoking pile of rubble.” When Obama’s entire legacy is gutted next year by Trump and a GOP congress, he will have no one to blame quite as much as himself.

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