Olympic Yoga: S.E. Cupp’s Silly Critiqué of Obama

Conservative critics are never reluctant to stretch a bit when it comes to criticizing Barack Obama but S.E. Cupp’s recent tweet about the president reveals a level of stretching and contorting that we’d see if yoga were an Olympic event.

The idea that a politician is entitled to immunity from criticism because his critic happens to be overseas is novel in the extreme. It’s certainly a standard that I’ve never heard expressed or even suggested before.

I suspect Ms. Cupp might be a little confused here. What she might be referring to is what was once a longstanding bipartisan American tradition of not criticizing a sitting U.S. president when he or she is overseas (a rule that’s been repeatedly ignored by the GOP since Obama was elected in 2008).

It’s Ms. Cupp’s party that has radically and repeatedly transgressed American tradition, not President Obama. Surely this is obvious.

What’s really sad, though, is to see Ms. Cupp waste whatever credibility she has on a candidate as reprehensible as Trump. The “I’m no fan of Donald Trump…” formulation is a cliché, a variation of the old “I’m not a racist, but…” dodge. As a student of communications, let me offer a pro tip: The best thing to do when you find yourself starting a sentence with one of those is… just stop talking.

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