Feeling the Bern at Liberty University

It shouldn’t be any secret that I’m supporting Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. I happen to believe that he’s right on the issues. At least as important is that face that, whether you agree with him or not he, brings a degree of forthrightness and integrity that we seldom see in top tier, major party candidate.

The only other prelude I’ll provide for this video is that I appreciate the courage of any candidate who steps into the opponent’s territory. In this case, Senator Sanders is venturing to Liberty University, founded by the late Jerry Falwell to be the cradle of his Moral Majority.

I believe that over the course of a long campaign, addressing inequality in our system will be a message that resonates with a large swath of voters. In reality, there are more substantive interests that unite the bottom 99 percent than divide us. Now, click ahead to the 16:00 mark and give a listen to a guy who flies coach:

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